How do we invest?

We are entrepreneurs investing our own capital and time. We are independent, and we make the final investment decisions ourselves. We invest in areas where we have extensive business experience from our market presence to date.

We get personally engaged in projects that we invest in, providing substantive support throughout the joint venture period. We are meticulous about fundamental issues, but efficient and flexible in the decision-making process.

Our strategy is characterised by caution and a moderate use of leverage.

Type of investments
Property Development
We invest in property development projects
Real Estate
We buy properties that generate stable rent streams
Private Equity & Venture Capital
We invest in Polish companies
Private Debt
We provide financing
Property Development

We invest in shares of special purpose vehicles implementing development projects on the Polish real estate market. We carry out projects on our own or in cooperation with experienced developers. We invest in one project from 2 to 10 million PLN with an investment horizon of 2 to 3 years. If the project is staged, we can extend our investment horizon.

Real Estate

We buy properties that generate stable rent streams and have significant potential for value growth.We manage our property portfolio strategically.

We are responsible for commercialization of the properties entrusted to us. We take care of tenants and proper functioning of buildings on a daily basis.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

We invest in Polish companies from the SME sector, in the sector of consumer services and products, as well as innovative companies with high growth potential. We invest independently or in cooperation with investors – experts in a given sector.

We subscribe to majority or minority interests, and make investments that are spread over time. We invest with an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years. If we consider that the prospects for the future are good, we are ready to stay committed for a much longer time.

We usually invest between 5 and 15 million PLN in one venture. We prepare a development strategy, select an optimal financing model and provide substantive support throughout the entire investment period.

We invest in businesses where we see the full commitment of their owners and managers.

Private Debt

We offer senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine in the amount of PLN 2 to 10 million.

We offer the service of arranging additional private and bank financing.

We provide financing for development projects such:
construction of single and multi-family residential buildings,
building hotels, aparthotels and dormitories,
building parks and shopping malls,
building warehouses,
purchase of land and existing buildings,
reconstruction and modernisation of residential and commercial buildings

Our Investments
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