Reputation built over the years

The most important personal factors affecting investing together are mutual trust and a high level of professional ethics.

Throughout the years, Artur Kawa and Dariusz Kalinowski have not only gained enormous business experience, but also the reputation of ethical entrepreneurs. They have completed dozens of real estate purchase and sale transactions, as well as business mergers and acquisitions in which the mutual trust of the parties was the basis of their success. While managing Emperia, a WSE-listed company, for over 17 years, they always cared for high standards of communication with investors and equal treatment of all shareholders.

What makes us different?

Harvent Capital is a team of Partners with many years of business experience in the field of consumer services and products, real estate and IT.

Artur Kawa and Dariusz Kalinowski can boast of considerable managerial and investing experience. They have managed non-public companies and those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. They have created and implemented long-term development strategies for such businesses. They have cooperated with the largest PE funds in Poland. They have carried out mergers and acquisitions, and subsequent large-scale restructuring projects. They have managed changes in ownership and capital. On the Warsaw Stock Exchange, they have dealt with IPOs, SPOs, defences against hostile takeovers, and public tender offers.

Artur Kawa and Dariusz Kalinowski understand the underlying mechanisms of the real business world, as they have been part of it for more than 20 years now.


We are meticulous about fundamental issues, but efficient and flexible in the decision-making process.


Our strategy is characterised by caution and a moderate use of leverage.


We invest in areas where we have extensive business experience from our market presence to date.
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